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Clitoral Unhooding Burlingame

Clitoral unhooding is the removal of the tissue that covers and surrounds the clitoris. The amount of skin that covers the clitoris may differ between women. Some women have extra tissue that covers the clitoris. Although the skin that covers the clitoris is useful in protecting the clitoris from irritation or unwanted stimulation, extra skin can prevent satisfactory stimulation during sex. In some instances, a woman may not like the appearance of the clitoris because of the extra skin. Clitoral unhooding may be recommended along with libaplasty and vaginoplasty to present a well-balanced and well-shaped vagina. Clitoral unhooding reduces the excess tissue to create a more attractive and youthful looking vagina while allowing more stimulation to the clitoris.

Recovery time from clitoral unhooding is minimal. Most patients return to light activities in the same day, which includes showering the day following surgery. Mild swelling may arise during the following two to three days after the procedure then it will dissipate over the next several weeks. Some minimal bruising may occur, and stitches will dissolve on their own.