Dr. Liu is not only the best Bay Area plastic surgeon, he uses the best techniques, has the best dexterity and delivers quality work for a fair price. I researched procedures, techniques and prices and no plastic surgeon or office can touch Dr. Liu. Dr. Liu’s medical assistant Vicki has been with him for 25+ years and she will make you feel at ease and well prepared for your procedure. His RN, Natalia is great in assisting with surgery. He has the best anesthesiologists present during every procedures and they will even tell you that you are receiving care from the best plastic surgeon around. You may visit him wanting certain procedures and he may talk you out of certain procedures based on what he can do. His prices are fair and well under any other Bay Area’s surgeon’s prices.

I fully endorse Dr. Liu for any surgery he agrees to perform on his patients and want to assure you that you are in the best hands.